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We here at Conversion Interactive Agency know that the dynamics of driver retention and recruitment strategies have changed over the last few years. With the rise of social media, employer branding making an impact on where potential employees go, and the increased demand for experienced drivers, recruiters need every tool, trick, and tip to get an advantage. So how do we answer the question, how do we recruit better in this market? One thing that is often overlooked in a market where drivers have their choice of employment is recruiters must sell and create a unique driver experience tailored to each driver. As complicated as this sounds, here are 3 easy ways to help improve your recruitment process.

1. Personalize your Conversations
All too often we rely on tools that focus on increasing our reach to the job seekers, at the cost of removing personalization from our touchpoints. Job boards provide the candidate with a lot of information regarding the job description, but recruiters should focus on engaging the drivers with their name and learning more about the potential hire.

2. Control the Call
Nothing is worse than letting the call get out of your control, by asking strong, relevant questions to the driver, recruiters can effectively control the flow of information, allowing you to highlight what sets you apart from other carriers, go into detail about the job responsibilities, and gain buy-in before you close.

3. Close with Expectations
Closing a call out with what the driver should expect is key to building a rapport with the driver and recruiter. Expectation setting leads to drivers knowing what is next in the process and the ability for you as a recruiter to exceed expectations showing that you respect them as a driver and respect their time.

Overall, keep in mind that driver recruiting in today’s market is a sales position, there’s plenty of opportunities out there and a lot are very similar to yours. What sets one company apart from another can be the experience that they receive from the recruiting department. Use the driver’s name, set the tone of the call, and make sure to communicate next steps to the driver. Once you start doing these, the rest comes easy.

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